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Refund Policy

Effective 1 Jan 2009

We try to keep ServerMojo's refund policy very simple..

For Premium Subscription payments: a 30 day moneyback guarantee with a deduction of 15 cents per SMS used.

For SMS packages purchase: 15 cents refund for every unused SMS credit. SMS credits that were granted as part of a subscription payment are excluded and can only be refunded as part of Premium Subscription refund

  • We reserve the right for additional refunds at our own discretion if you provide a reasonable justification.
  • In case of an account downgrade due to a refund, advanced features that are no longer available to the downgraded account may result in partial account functionality.
  • We reserve the right to disable or delete accounts to which we issue a refund at our sole discretion..

for refund, please contact [email protected], with the reason for refund, and your full name and your ServerMojo username which help us identify the authenticity of your refund request.
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