Remote server monitoring and alerts
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Big Biz
..for 'Hungry' Users
..ALL the features, increased test capacity, unlimited server monitored, all monitor types, location based tests & stats, sub-accounts, 6000! SMS credits each year, ALL the advanced tools and configurations... the Big Biz package is the ultimate tool for all your server monitoring needs.
Now 2 months free with yearly subscriptions
Small Biz
..for Small-MidSize Users
..Tracking any number of servers with HTTP, Ping, Email, DNS, MySQL, or any Port test, access to all the features a small to mid-sized business needs... even the more complex ones. From location based monitors, custom timeouts, multiple timezones, TraceRoute and comparison tools, this package fits most heavy users.
16% discount for yearly subscriptions
Single Site
..for Single Website Owners
IF all you have is one website you care about and want to keep an eye on
BUT you are not sure what all the fancy words in the features list below mean...
THIS account is designed specifically for you.
Simple solution... simple explanation.
Now only $29.95/year (75% discount!)
* Free trial accounts start without SMS credits. You can purchase SMS credits once you ared signed up.

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See the below features table and click on each feature's name to view a detailed explanation about the feature.
NOTE: Features appearing in gray are NOT YET AVAILABLE in ServerMojo and may or may not be included at a later stage.
Free Single Site Small Biz Big Biz
Monitors 11UnlimitedUnlimited
Alerts 10/resetUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tests/Hour 1/hour12/hour500/hour2500/hour
SMS Credits: (non accumulative) 060/year or 5/mon600/year or 50/mon6000/year or 500/mon
Ping - TraceRoute
HTTP - Port
HTTP - Login
HTTP - Keyword
Port Scan
DNS - Port
Email - Port
MySQL - Port
Value Extract
Free Single Site Small Biz Big Biz
Scan Intervals:
Every 15+ min
Every 10 min (Free w/ SMS)
Every 5 min (Free w/ SMS)
Every 1 min (Free w/ SMS)
Per Monitor Parameters/Tools:
Restrict Location/Continent
Custom Timeout
Alert on Slow Response
No-Check (maintenance) Times window
Alerts on.. (Offline/Online/Both)
Detect Downtime Patterns
Detect Slow Response Patterns
Free Single Site Small Biz Big Biz
Monitors Statistics/View:
Mini Buttons
Yearly Stats/Graphs
Monitor Comparison Tool
Location/Continent specific graphs
TraceRoute View
More Features/Tools:
Make Statistics Private
Advertising Free
Full API
Custom Account Timezone
Alerts only after X tests
Custom Per-Monitor Timezone
CSV Data Download
Snooze Alerts
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