WHMCS Module

WHMCS Module

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Now available is a ServerMojo module for integration with WHMCS (a client management, billing & support system designed mainly for web hosts)

This module uses the API to create a ServerMojo HTTP monitor (and sub-account if needed) when someone buys a monitor on WHMCS. The subaccount is unique per client of the WHMCS installation.

Click here to download the code.

Installing Servermojo Module in WHMCS

Note: This module has been tested on WHMCS version 4.0. Tutorial compiled by Anthony Lydick, CyberNETicos Hosting, Spain, www.cyberneticos.com for Servermojo.

Upload module file

To begin with, create a directory called "servermojo" under the whmcs/modules/servers/ directory and then upload the servermojo.php.gz file to that folder and unzip (gunzip).

Configuring WHMCS module

After uploading the contents we are ready to configure WHMCS via the admin panel.

Firstly you will need to first Add a new Server in the Setup -> Servers section.

Click Add New Server and fill in the following fields:

Name: Anything you want (recommend something like "Servermojo")
Maximum No. of Accounts: 999
Type: Servermojo
User: Servermojo
Password: Servermojo

The rest of the fields are not required but you may fill them in if you'd like.


Configurable Options

Now we need to create a Configurable Option Group in Setup -> Configurable Options. Select "Create a New Group":

Group Name: Whatever you'd like. For example, "Monitoring Group".
Description: Whatever you'd like. For example, "config options for servermojo".
Assigned Products: do not select anything yet, and click Save Changes.


Ok, now we will add configurable options to this Group we just created by clicking "Add New Configurable Option" and we can set whatever prices we want to charge customers for these configurable options.

IMPORTANT: The option names need to be written exactly as they appear and in the same order as they appear below:

Option Name: Frequency
Option Type: Dropdown
- Add Options
    enter the value 60 and then click save to see the price options. Set the price you want to charge your customers for 60 minute interval monitoring. Do the same for the rest of the options.
    30 (set the price you want to charge your customers)
    15 (set the price you want to charge your customers)
    10 (set the price you want to charge your customers)
    5 (set the price you want to charge your customers)

When finished,. click "Close Window" and do the same for the following Configurable options

Option Name: Email
Option Type: Yes/No
- Options
    yes (optional, recommend) // you can modify this text if you want

Option Name: SMS
Option Type: Yes/No
- Options
    yes (optional) // you can modify this text if you want

Option Name: Jabber
Option Type: Yes/No
- Options
    yes (optional) // you can modify this text if you want

Option Name: Twitter
Option Type: Yes/No
- Options
    yes (optional) // you can modify this text if you want

Option Name: RSS
Option Type: Yes/No
- Options
    yes (optional) // you can modify this text if you want

See Frequency example below:


Products and Services

Now we need to create a product in the Products/Services section of WHMCS. You will need to configure the Details, Pricing, Module.

You can associate this new product to an existing Product Group, or create a new one if you wish.

Go to Setup -> Products/Services

click Create a New Product , and give your new product a type and group you wish, and name such as "Server Monitoring" and click continue.

Configure the following tabs in "Edit Product"

DETAILS: Here you will configure your product name and description to your liking.
Select the welcome email you want sent after successful activation.
Untick "Require Domain".You will NOT need to show domain registration options

Set your own pricing scheme. See whmcs wiki for more information.


Module Name: Servermojo
Server Group: Anything you prefer..

You will need to enter the ServerMojo API key, ServerMojo UserName and ServerMojo User ID given to you by ServerMojo.com.

NOTE: This module will allow you to create monitors automatically which is where the magic of this module comes in so we recommend selecting "Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed", but you can set this at your own likes.

See image for an example module configuration:



Create the following custom fields with the exact field names as listed below (order doesn't matter) :

Monitor name [Required Field,Show on Order Form]
Monitor description [Show on Order Form]
Monitor URL [Required Field,Show on Order Form]
Notification Email [Show on Order Form]
SMS Number [Show on Order Form]
Jabber account [Show on Order Form]
Twitter account [Show on Order Form]

See image below for exact example:



Here we just select the group we create above (for example Monitoring Group - config options for servermojo)

See image below:


That's it !

These are the only tabs that are required to be configured, although you are free to use any other options you might need for your particular WHMCS installation.
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