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All the features, capabilities and benefits. No charge or even credit card required. No installation, easy setup. Try it now.. FREE!
SIMPLE single website monitor. Multi-location scanning. Multiple alert types. Page keyword check. Now only $29.95/year (75% discount!)
Unlimited servers monitored.
600 SMS alerts/year. Test HTTP, Ping, DNS, SQL, Email or Port. up to per-minute Scan intervals. Email, Twitter, Jabber, RSS.. alerts. Nothing beats this offer..
...except this! : 6000 SMS alerts EVERY year. Advanced data monitors, traceroutes, stats & comparison tools. Location based monitors. Sub-accounts. CSV data and much more.. Everything a demanding business needs.
         There are those whose servers have downtime,
         Those who don't know their servers have downtime.
Either way, ServerMojo is exactly what you need.

In less than a minute you can have ServerMojo monitor your servers' uptime and response time non-stop, promptly notify you of any problem it detects via Email, SMS, IM or Twitter... and you can try it for FREE... No installation, No obligation, No billing info required.
Don't let your site go offline for hours on end.
Save money by keeping downtime to a minimum, preserve your hard earned reputation, retain your users & clients... Try our server monitoring and uptime checks from ServerMojo for FREE.

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Whats going on with YOUR servers?
Key Features
How it works
Why us?

Simple. Useful. Clear.
'All You Need' and 'Nothing But That'. ServerMojo is designed to be very simple to use yet very powerful and usable. The interface is simple, straight forward, self explanatory and clear.. almost to a minimalistic level. And yet, it will allow you to do the things you really need and not confuse you with things you never really wanted or understood.
But you can be the judge of that... You have a FREE trial, so you can see for yourself... Or have a look at the Screen Shots.

Reports, Statistics and Graphs.
As advanced as Server Monitoring can be, it would be of little value to you without a clear, easy to understand reports and graphs. ServerMojo is bringing you the data you need, in a format that is easy for you to understand.
From versatile graphs for uptime and response-time by day/month/year, to mini button widgets... from overview statistics and account global uptime graph to online public report/status pages... from detailed alerts summary table to CSV download of your server test data...

Accurate and versatile Alerts.
With features such as multiple location testing, Custom Timeouts, Custom Time-zone and very frequent monitoring (every minute), as well as very versatile alerts through SMS, Instant-Messaging, Twitter, Email and RSS, ServerMojo's alerts are extremely useful. You know what is up or down, right when it happens. You know which server is down, where, since when and for how long.
Downtime is what we want to know about. ServerMojo makes sure you know about it in time, in every possible way we can think of..

Powerful, Advanced monitoring.
...The foundation of ServerMojo. ServerMojo allows you to create HTTP/S, FTP, Email, MySQL and other Port-specific monitor. You can also check specific pages for specific content. You can extract data from tested pages and have it ready for later analysis through CSV download.
And all of this is done with very frequent tests, of up to every minute, from various geographical locations all in parallel. We not only test you servers from multiple places, we know how your monitored servers perform from differnt places in the world. ServerMojo's very powerful and versatile monitoring system and features is exactly what you are looking for...

There is more to ServerMojo as you can see in the Features table...
..perhaps the best way is simply to give it a FREE try.
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